Pakistani Wedding Ceremony Traditions & Pakistani Wedding in Turkey

Published by Kingsman on 16th January, 2021

With the Muslim religion crossing so many different cultures, countries, and ethnicities, Pakistani wedding traditions vary greatly depending on the family traditions of the bride and groom. Before being a part of a Pakistani wedding, whether you’re attending as a guest, working as a wedding organization, or participating as a family member, take a moment to understand the schedule and the moments of the wedding.

Here are a few things you might see at a Pakistani Wedding:


  • The Dholki (Pre-celebrations)
  • The Mehndi (Henna Night)
  • The Nikah (Ceremony)
  • The Walima (Reception)

The Dholki 

Pakistani weddings usually begin with a Dholki. This is a pre-celebration which usually takes place one or two weeks before the main celebrations. The bridal party, close friends, and relatives of the bride and groom are in attendance. During this event, guests sing and dance traditionally while beating on a dholak drum.

The Mehndi 

Before the main ceremony occurs, one of the most important events for a bride is the Mehndi (henna party) where the bride has intricate henna patterns drawn onto her hands and feet. The Pakistani wedding Mehndi is famous all around the world for its vibrancy and amusement. This is the first main function of the wedding where the bride gets her hand hennaed, girls perform dances that they spend weeks preparing, etc. It is just a fun night of dance, music, and henna. The bride usually wears a yellow Mehndi dress which is usually a traditional dress. Although there is no end to the list of styles for Pakistani wedding dresses, but wearing bright colored shalwar kameez is very common for Mehndi events. 


The Nikah 

The most important part of the wedding is the Nikah, a formal ritual where the bride and groom exchange vows and make promises to one another. Before the couple are even allowed to see each other, a mehr, or symbolic presentation of gifts or money, is given to the bride by the groom.


The Walima 

After the Nikah ceremony there is a wedding celebration called the Walima. It is the final dinner organised by the groom’s side once their marriage is official and it is a celebration of the two individuals coming together. Typically the groom opts for a formal Western suit or tuxedo and the bride will wear a dazzling dress with gold jewellery provided by the groom. The reception is a huge celebration with many relatives and guests of both families in attendance.


At a Pakistani wedding you can only expect dishes to be made from halal meat.  And at Mazaa our meat is HMC with 100% halal dishes. The Pakistani cuisine is known for its rich flavours with delicious dishes such as sumptuous tikka, kebabs and street-style food counters. Delicious chicken yakhni biryani, astounding nihari gosht or haleem is served with naan bread or ghee rice. And not forgetting tasty desserts including the traditional gajar ka halwa, Kheer and

 Zarda. So you’re bound to be satisfied.


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